How long does it take to replace a full roof?

  • It is difficult to put an exact time scale on a full replacement roof as there is so many factors, our best advice is to call more than one roofing contractorin Edinburgh, we would advise three. Your roof would then be assessed for size, the materials that were being removed and the roof materials that would be best suited for your property and your budget. A guide line would be between 10 and 20 days, Scottish weather always a major factor here.

Can my roof be repaired?

  • Yes most certainly, we would always advise you to get a qualified roofer or surveyor to check your roof and they will advise you of your your best course of action if any problems are found. An annual roof report will give you peace of mind as it will always keep you informed especially before Winter sets in would be a good time to arrange an appointment - check out our roof reports page. The only issue with roof repairs is no genuine roofing company will not leave a guarantee on repairs, there can only be assured guarantees on full installations.

How do i know i am choosing the right roofing contractor?

  • We get asked this question a lot and understandably, you only need to watch one of the many t.v programs about cowboy builders, the good news is there are genuine roofing services in Edinburgh. We at Weather Guard Roofing Services would always advise you get more than one quote. A trusted roofing contractor will have been vetted and will be a member of different federations and very important, will be fully insured.

Would I need to have internal water damage to know if I have had dislodged tiles due to high winds.

  • Unfortunately not, as you maybe in a relatively new property and the under felt should keep out the water for emergency's, first steps to take, have a look at your roof and if you do see some missing slates or tiles call a Roofing Contractor in Edinburgh. If you have experienced any disturbing noises during the high winds but can not see anything obvious, you can still call a reputable roofing contractor to assess your roof and have some professional advice.