Emergency Roof Repairs

Edinburgh Roofers for Emergency Roof Repairs

Should your roof become damaged this winter in a storm or high winds, then call Weather Guard Roofing in Edinburgh for a fast response to make your roof watertight again. If you find water leaking into your property or water dripping from your ceilings then you can be sure you have missing roof tiles or slates which have been blown off your property by high winds. If you find yourself in this case scenario then do not panic, do the normal positioning of the buckets to catch the water and help prevent more water damage keeping the interior damage to a minimum. Don't hesitate to call Weather Guard Roofing Emergency in Edinburgh line for a fast and responsive solution to your needs.

Our fully qualified tradesman are on call 24hrs a day, they will arrive and make you watertight with a temporary repair or full replacement of missing tiles or slates. Sometimes its difficult to carry all types of slates and tiles required for a repair without seeing the job, if so, Weather Guard Roofing Services in Edinburgh will make you watertight and return to complete your works with matching tiles or slates and when safe to do so in such high winds.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Edinburgh Roofing Contractors undertakes all insurance work so get in touch now or if you need some expert advice or a free estimate we will send one of our Edinburgh Roofing Surveyors around to view your flat roof system and to listen to your specific requirements. We will take note of your precise specifications and work towards a solution that suits you and your budget.

Every contract assigned to us in Edinburgh or West Lothian is approached with exactly the same unbeatable level of enthusiasm, craftsmanship, punctuality and reliability. Weather Guard Roofing Services keeping your home safe and comfortable.

Do you need more information? Please visit our roofing types page for a better understanding of what type of roof you have, it probably is a slated roof, flat felt roof, tiled or lead as these are the four main types of roof.

Other Roofing Options

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High performance waterproofing roofing has arrived with many different choices, ask us about a rubber roofing membrane soulution.


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Flat Roofing Systems

Liquid Rubber

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Hydrostop is non hazardous, solvent free and is virtually odourless with extremely low VOCs. 



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Fix-R EPDM single ply flat roofing membranes are simple, reliable and a very strong roofing product.


Single Ply

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Weather Guard Roofing Flat Roof Specialists are accredited installers of Armourplan single ply.



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Hydrostop AH-25 cures to a hard, very attractive seamless finish with a 25 year guarantee.