Velux Roof Window Installers

Attic/Loft roof windows fitted in Edinburgh

When was the last time you looked out your attic windows? Does condensation build up between the glass in the winter months? Or maybe you’ve noticed a draft from a broken seal? It’s only a matter of time before your attic roof windows will suffer from damage and will need replaced with new Velux roof windows. Once the elements are in, your home will become less efficient and the damage can go un-noticed for some time.

Want to add more light to your loft or attic? Or repair a damaged attic skylight to your extension or main roof? Perhaps you’re in the process of a complete refurbishment or roof extension project? We can help. Weather Guard Roofing specialise in supplying, fitting and the installation of Velux windows and skylights to any loft needing more light in the Edinburgh area. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of our Edinburgh roofing team.

Sometimes roof windows just get old and need replaced. If your cast iron skylights are damaged, leaking, or worn they won’t be providing the proper protection for your home. Water damage can cause major problems and could end up costing a fortune to put right. Our advice would be to replace damaged skylights or attic roof windows as soon as possible, give us a call and we can discuss your options.

In most cases your new Velux windows can be fully fitted in just one day, our one-day service is exceptional and all our work is fully guaranteed to give you peace of mind and confidence in our roofing work. We also have a 24 hour emergency repair service in the Edinburgh area should you need a speedy repair.


Flat Roofing Systems

Liquid Rubber

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Our Flat Roof Specialists build up Fix-R Liquid to create a high performance Single Ply System.



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Weather Guard Roofing Flat Roof specialists install the Fix-R EPDM with a 20 year warranty.


Single Ply

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Weather Guard Roofing Flat Roof Specialists are accredited installers of Armourplan single ply.



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GRP has to be laid on a dry deck in temperatures not less than 7.5°C by flat roof specialists.